Campaign Viewer now in beta!

Released the manager app Campaign Viewer to the beta channel on the Google Playstore. If you’re interested to test it out, you can enter beta testing HERE and then download the app here. For more information about the app, read on. 🙂

The app serves as an aid for Dungeon Masters of Dungeons&Dragons (or game masters of other tabletop RPGs) where in you can create and manage your adventures, including items and NPCs. It is a work in progress and some features are still missing (such as dialog hints, mechanical things like switches, light sources). Nonetheless, you can try it out already. The price on the app is bound to change and likely become (slightly) higher once the full set of features are in. To see some more info and check out screens, you can also check out the project page here.

If you’ve gone through testing and figured you wanted to share feedback, you can drop your feedback into the contact form right here. Thanks! 🙂


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