Engine Language Platform(s) Role Year
Unity C# WebGL, Windows Programmer 2017

Captain Capsize was a game created for the Ludum Dare 40 (Jam) gamejam between December 2nd and December 5th, the theme that lead to this game was: The more you have, the worse it is. The game is fully playable and can be found here:!

The game was even covered by a Youtuber with 20K+ subscribers, you can view the report HERE.

Since we’ve entered to compete as well, we’ll know on the 28th where the game is placed.

In this game, you control a little pirate ship! You’re getting back to your cove – your pub where you can drink to your heart’s content! Along the way however, you will undoubtedly find loot you’ll want to bring! But beware; the more you bring, the more difficult it’ll become to steer! And of course, you’ll come across other privateers ready to loot you!

While going to the end, you’ll come across loot in the water or on shores. You can pick up this loot and place on your ship to take with you for points! And with this loot, as well as your cannon, you can control your ship by re-arranging them onboard.



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