Engine Language Platform(s) Role Year
XNA/MonoGame C# PC Developer 2012

I was the only developer on this project. It was a 2-week challenge back in the summer of 2012. I prototyped pathfinding (variation of A*), isometric tile rendering as well as shaders in HLSL (blur). The enemies use a simple FSM for behaviors using several states (such as Defensive or Brave). I also experimented with a map editor using only PNGs, pixel colors would represent tiles – later abandoned because it’s not at all intuitive. Furthermore, it was the first prototype where it used a NPC dialog system, quest system and 2D lighting (including fog of war).

A 2D pixelart isometric RPG created in XNA/C# and later ported to MonoGame. It uses a prototype of a turn-based tactical combat system and has procedural generated areas and dungeons, automatically popoulated by enemies with simple artificial intelligence.

DEVELOPMENT SCREENSHOTS (chronological order)