Engine Language Platform(s) Role Year
MonoGame C# PC Developer 2014

I worked as the only developer on this project, which started as a personal challenge to recreate the original Pokémon engine with algorithms and data that is publically available (movesets, experience curves, encounter rates, statistics). It is the first project that uses the Tiled mapeditor as design tool, this was then added to the custom framework OkayEngine. I also created some recolor shaders for this project to emulate the original game. All the graphics and sounds are obviously not mine.

It is simply a Pokémon engine prototype! It is easily extendable but is missing some key features such as inventory, Pokémon party, Pokèdex and NPC combat. and includes new features added in late 2017 (pokédex, party management, inventory, trainer battles).

Additionally, this project includes a simple scripting language I’ve developed, called PokéSequence (or just Sequence), to create content for the project. It comes with its own IDE and has syntax checking!