Engine Language Platform(s) Role Year
Unity3D C# PC Lead Developer, Project Manager 2015-2017

Producer, developer and designer of the project, working on many aspects such as online multiplayer, behaviors and pathfinder algorithms. Additionally creating tools for designers and shader work. Overseeing project planning, game issues & feedback and social media (like us on Facebook, or follow us on twitter).

A 3D online multiplayer Roguelite; team up with three friends and go together on adventures, defeat your enemies and find loot to make your hide-out the strongest!

Rogues with Benefits also won some awards and honored nominations! Here’s the list:
Unity Awards 2016 Best Student Game FinalistDutch Game Awards 2016 Best Student Art Direction
CEGC 2016 Audience AwardINDIGO 2015 Audience Award

For more information and development history (2015-09 to 2016-03),
check out the official website.

Teaser trailer

First public video