Engine Language Platform(s) Role Year
MonoGame C# Windows Lead Programmer 2018-2019

I was the only programmer on this project with help from Viktor Trisjin, artist at Yellowcake Games, to create a game in order to push the underlying custom engine (OkayEngine, based on the MonoGame framework, currently version 3.7) to a release. The purpose of the project is to develop all the necessary tools and features that it would require to be released on multiple console (e.g dynamic controls, resolution changes, modding).

The project was also a testbed for new audio libraries and a push for moddable content. The latter allows players to replace all graphics for the game.

A 2D roguelike game with pixelart graphics; you escape a prison deep underground and need to reach the surface! 30 floors of dangers, ever increasing in difficulty.  Every few floors, you come across a much stronger threat. Champions. These are the characters of real players who beat that specific floor, leaving behind an echo you have to defeat and replace its role for the next player… Can you reach the top floor and be free?

Homepage with some info:

The project can be found (and bought) on Discord for $2,50, here: Visit Discord Store.

Or, on other platforms: