Rogues with Benefits won Best Student Art Direction!

In the last blog post written, I mentioned we were nominated for a few awards. We’ve been so lucky as to win one of them! Rogues with Benefits is the winner of the Best Student Art Direction, the purple owl is ours now!

We’re very excited to see what the future brings and can’t wait to share more of Rogues with Benefits.

Rogues with Benefits nominated for 3 awards!

The Dutch Game Awards (link) are held every year to celebrate and reward creativity in the games industry for the Netherlands. Of course, my game Rogues with Benefits has also entered and came out nominated three times! We might be winning one or more of the following awards:

# Best Student Game Design
# Best Student Art Direction
# Best Student Technical Achievement

The results of whether or not we win the finals will be revealed next week on September 27th, I will write a post up with the results after that date! Stay tuned and fingers crossed!