Hollow released

We released an app titled Hollow. It’s an app to help game session masters playing Miller’s Hollow! 3 years prior, I did a similar solo project. However, Hollow is a complete rework to figure out and test a proper workflow getting mobile apps out under Yellowcake Games.

Nonetheless, here’s a link to the Play Store! Check it out!

I’m a Certified Unity Developer

As of today, for as long as the license remains valid, I’m a certified Unity Developer! You can find actual proof of it here, in the official Unity Certification Look-Up, by checking out my last name and the associated ID.

The test consisted of quite a bit of questions, varying in difficulty and intent. Some required me to point at sections of the interface, others required picking or rearranging answers. It was a lot of fun! I was there with 4 other colleagues and, of course, all five of us passed! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unity Awards 2016 Nominations!

EDIT: We didn’t won but good friends of ours did! Congratulations to all the winners, including dutch based company Twirlbound!

To our complete surprise, Rogues with Benefits has been nominated twice for the Unity Awards 2016! We have been nominated for the following two awards:

# Best Student Game
# Golden Cube

As per online contesting, winning goes through voting… if any readers would like to see us win (or any other game, of course), feel free to vote. You need a Unity account (which is free!) and you can then vote on this website down here:


I hope we win! We’ll know for sure in November, so I’ll post back after that date! Wish us luck!!

Campaign Viewer now in beta!

Released the manager app Campaign Viewer to the beta channel on the Google Playstore. If you’re interested to test it out, you can enter beta testing HERE and then download the app here.ย For more information about the app, read on. ๐Ÿ™‚

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